Cerenion welcomes two new board members

Cerenion is excited to welcome two new members to its board of directors. Mr. Jan Ekström and Mr. Terho Hoskonen have both joined the board at the beginning of the year, and bring formidable expertise and experience to the company as it moves closer to international markets.
Jan Ekström, a long-time advisor of the company, brings over three decades of experience from high-growth medical technology companies including Datex, Instrumentarium and GE Healthcare. Mr. Ekström specializes in international distribution, partnering, OEM deals, mergers and acquisitions, business development, fundraising and IPR strategy.
Terho Hoskonen, has a distinguished background in marketing, international sales and the patient monitoring business from companies including Instrumentarium, SpaceLabs Healthcare and GE Healthcare. Mr. Hoskonen brings in key domain expertise of Cerenion’s target areas, and sales and business development expertise from the global arena including Europe, Asia and North America.
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