Two new patents awarded to Cerenion’s C-Trend EEG analysis software

Cerenion's C-Trend technology is stregthening its Intellectual Property protection in Japan and in Europe
The Japan Patent Office (JPO) has recently granted a significant patent to Cerenion's C-Trend technology, specifically related to the C-Trend Index algorithm. This achievement marks the third patent for the technology in Japan and the ninth globally.
Also the European Patent Office (EPO) has awarded Cerenion's C-Trend technology a patent related to C-Trend Index algorithm. This patent is second in Europe and tenth in total.
Both of the new patents provide protection to EEG's slow-wave activity functionality that is utilized in the C-Trend Index. The algorithm is a critical metric, offering insights into a patient's EEG slow wave activity—a phenomenon vital for overall brain health, occurring during sedation and deep sleep.
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