Jukka Kortelainen
MD, PhD (Eng.)
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Eero Väyrynen
PhD (Eng.)
Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder
Timo Koskela
PhD (Eng.), MSc (Econ.&Bus.Adm)
Chief Financial Officer, Co-founder
Sanna Hosio
MSc (Med.&Well.Tech.)
Quality and Regulatory Affairs Director
Kaisu Sutinen
MSc (Econ.&Bus.Adm)
Sales and Marketing Director
Jussi Ala-Kurikka
Principal Engineer
Miikka Salminen
Software Architect
Arto Heikkinen
Lead Software Engineer
Lilli Hiltunen
Software Engineer
Tamas Toth
IT System Specialist
Tarja Suhonen
Customer Success Manager
Sanaz Afsari
Software Engineer
Salla Hiltunen
Technical Writer
Juha Partala
Data Scientist
Terhimaria Kaski
Software Engineer
Katriina Annunen
Q&RA Specialist
"Finnish Cerenion has raised 500 000 euros in seed funding for its groundbreaking brain monitoring technology that holds great potential for improving intensive care…To date, the development of the technology and business has been funded by more than 1.1 million euros."
Good News from Finland
"Oulu’s ICT-focused enterprises are on track to raise a record amount of development capital in 2018, based on venture capital funding activity in January-February. Cerenion Oy is a case in point."
"Cerenion is a unique combination of deep research and a great complementary team that is creating a leader of a completely new category in healthcare. Their product will greatly help doctors in their work and save lives."
Riku Seppälä, Partner,
"The team is a great combination of different kinds of skills and expertise. Furthermore, they’re very execution focused and they have taken the case far already before the investment, both in terms of product as well as clinical validation. Superb team together with strong IP, clear market entry path and scalable business model are the ingredients that Cerenion is made of."
Juho Risku, Managing Partner, Butterfly Ventures


Terho Hoskonen
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Janek Frantzén
Adjunct Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Turku
Member of the Board of Directors
Anssi Ylimaula
Member of the Board of Directors
Janne Laakso
Member of the Board of Directors
Jon Unnérus
Member of the Board of Directors


Atsuhiro Nakagawa
Professor, Tohoku University Hospital, Japan
External advisor
Jan Ekström
External advisor
Mika Kallio
Medical advisor
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Cerenion Oy has received support from the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.
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